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On this site are photographs of some Anglican parish churches in Nottinghamshire. Although the majority of churches relate to the pre-1832 parishes, there have been a number of new parishes formed after this date. I have tried to include the approximate date built for any parishes created after 1832, or for any church which has wholly replaced an older parish chuch. There are also pictures available of the Chapel at Clumber Park, formerly home of the Dukes of Newcastle, Newstead Abbey and  Welbeck Abbey and Chapel.

There is still a good number of parishes left to cover. A full list of parish churches in Nottinghamshire can be found on my Nottinghamshire Church Database. It is arranged both alphabetically by parish name, and also alphabetically by dedication (church name). If you don't see a picture of the church you are interested in please see the section below on requesting a photograph.

You should also visit www.picturethepast.org.uk which has many old photographs of Nottinghamshire churches, which are held in Nottinghamshire libraries and have now been scanned onto computer. This is a particularly good source for churches which no longer exist.


Please take a moment to vist my Guestbook, which I have set up following suggestions from some of the visitors to this site. The Guestbook can also be used for requesting a photograph

Churches that cannot be photographed

There are a few churches in Nottinghamshire which no longer exist, so I will not be able to take a photograph to add to this site. You can find further details on my Nottinghamshire Church Database pages, which includes all known churches including those which no longer survive. A good place to search for photographs of Nottinghamshire churches which no longer exist is at www.picturethepast.org.uk 

Notts Parish Church Websites

The following Nottinghamshire Churches have produced websites of their own which include a picture or photograph of the church.

Holy Trinity Church, Bulcote
St Mary & All Saints, Bingham
St Wilfrid, Calverton
St Mary, Eastwood
All Hallows, Gedling
St Mary Magdalene, Hucknall
St Mary the Virgin, Nottingham
St Peter, Nottingham
St Nicholas, Nottingham
St Helen, Selston  
Southwell Minster
St Helen, Trowell

Other Church Photograph collections

Further Church Photographs which may be of interest to you can be found on the following sites:

Southwell Diocese Church History Project
North East Midland Photographic Record (Picture the Past)

Ron Wood's Southwell On-line (includes photographs of churches in Southwell area)

Surrounding Counties:~
Rosemary Lockies' Derbyshire Photograph Index
Lincolnshire Parish Churches
Wendy Parkinson's English Church Photographs

Conditions of use

The photographs available on this site remain copyright of the person who took the picture. However, you can copy any photographs taken by me and found on this site for personal use only; such as illustrating your family history or local studies project. Commercial use is not permitted without prior arrangement.

Photograph Requests

If there is a particular Nottinghamshire Parish Church which you would like to see a picture of on this site I will be happy to receive suggestions via my Guestbook. (Sorry, guestbook temporarily suspended as it got flooded with spam messages!)

In the meantime, if anyone has a photograph of a Nottinghamshire Church which they would be happy for me to include in this collection, I would love to hear from you. It would need to be a photograph you have taken yourself, not one in copyright e.g. from a book or recent postcard. Old postcards and photographs would be great.

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